17 Jun 2009

Windows Home Server: HP Online Backup Add-in

hponline backup

Today I’ve discovered that HP has published a couple of add-ins for their HP SmartMedia EX470 and EX475 (I think newer models already have this feature preinstalled). One of them allows you to backup Mac machines and the other one allows you to backup shared folders to Amazon S3.

I’m interested only in the online backup as I don’t have a Mac. I already had a S3 account which I use for some client projects. I also had a bucket where I copy important files from time to time. Having this task automated not only means less work for me, it also means that it is done regularly.

If you have an EX470 or EX475 it’s a must have to complete your backup solution. Click this link and select your model. Download the appropriate file and install it in your WHS. Now your WHS console will have new top icon called HP Online Backup.

You’ll need to configure the adding providing your access and secret key, the name of the bucket and what shared folders you want to backup.