07 Oct 2015

Upgrading to Windows 10 in a Fusion VM

Fusion 7 - Windows 10

I have a VMWare Fusion 7 VM running Windows 8.1 to use Visual Studio.

Today I decided to upgrade it to Windows 10 as I have it on my main PC and it works great.

The upgrade from the little Windows notification taskbar icon didn’t work. It complained about the SVGA driver being incompatible. According to VMWare this is a bug in the Windows verification tool.

The workaround is to manually download the Windows 10 image, mount the ISO file using the Fusion CD/DVD and upgrade from there. Be sure to download the appropriate image.

Upgrading from the ISO worked indeed. However, I wasn’t able to run Windows at full resolution. The workaround for this problem was to uninstall the VMWare Tools and install them again. After that it worked like a charm.