16 Feb 2010

Upgrading my network: Linksys WRT320n


I wrote some time ago that I was having problems with my Windows Home Server and my main PC, mainly because the transfer speeds from my WHS to my PC were ridiculous. Uploads were fine though.

After looking into it for a long time, the problem was that my router/switch, an SMC Barricade, was not handling the traffic from the WHS properly. Every other PC was working right.

Anyway, I’ve changed the router by a Linksys WRT320n. This means that I’ve upgraded my LAN from 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps.

Transfer speeds are now ok, getting 60 MB/s out of the box. Also, the wireless speed has improved dramatically, specially when using my iPhone 3Gs. Using my old router I was unable to watch YouTube videos and now they are loaded in no time.

I’ve been using this router only for a couple of days, but I’m already very happy with the upgrade.

I have had only one minor problem setting up the wireless connection. For some reason none of my WIFI devices were able to connect to the router. I needed to manually change the ‘WIFI channel’ from Auto to channel 11 in order to get it to work.