18 Jan 2016

Synology 415+

I’ve been using a Home Server / NAS since 2009. I use it for backups and to hold my personal media. It has served me well, but it’s showing its age. Besides I could get rid of other computers if it was just a litle more powerful.

After sometime exploring the options, I’ve settled on a Synolody 415+. What gave me the final push is their OS (DSM), which seems the best.

Quick notes about this NAS:


It supports docker. Which opens the NAS to run almost everything.

Power usage

This is one of the most important things if you plan to leave the server running 24x7. With 3 hard drives connected it drains just 27 Watts. You can also let it suspend itself when not in use and it wakes up over LAN.

Memory upgrade

It comes with just 2 GB of RAM. I guess is ok if you plan to use it only as a NAS and maybe install one or two packages. But as soon as you want to use it for docker it quickly falls short.

So I purchased a compatible 8 GB memory stick an upgrade its memory.

Some tips:

  • You can’t freely choose whatever memory you want. It needs to be compatible. This one worked for me
  • The 415+ it’s not supposed to be memory upgradable. I followed this instructions and I had no problem. However, legally, it will void your warranty.
  • Once upgraded, even if it boots normally, you want to perform a memory test. I had random problems (sudden reboots, docker images failing…) until I discovered that I had a faulty memory chip. The replacement worked fine though.
  • You need the Synology Assistant (LINK) to launch the memory test.
  • You can see the memory test log in /var/log/memtester.log. If it has something like: Congrats!

CPU performance

I’m running Gitlab, ELK, Plex, Download Station and it works just fine.

Most people is interested in transcoding videos using Plex. Well, sometimes it chucks with some big videos.

IO performance

Just perfect and very consistent.


I recommend it.