29 May 2012

Starting out in electronics

I have always had a fascination for electronics and robotics. One thing is to program something on the computer and see the results on the screen, but been able to actuate in the real world is another level.

For a long time I’ve been subscribed to some electronics blogs. Adafruit, Make… and I’ve been fascinated by the projects people show off there. I even started writing down a small personal project list someday I would like to try to implement. This list has been growing and growing.

So, taking advantage of my birthday, I ordered an Arduino Starter Kit from Ooulot. It comes with a dozen sample circuits and all the components you need to build them.

Mi plan is to build each one of the circuits to get familar with the basic components and tools. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to start working on my own circuits. I’m excited!

Arduino Starter Key