16 Feb 2009

Skype 4.0.0 does not display Outlook contacts

I’m using Skype as my main business phone line for a couple of months. It’s working fine so far.

Recently I upgraded from version 3.8 (I think) to the latest 4.0. The Outlook contacts have disappeared. This is very inconvenient because 99% of my calls are to land lines and all my contacts are in Outlook. As far as I know it’s a bug that Skype is already trying to fix.

Meanwhile I’ve found a workaround. It seems that if the phone numbers doesn’t have the international prefix, Skype refuses to pick them up as valid phone numbers. So now, I’m adding the prefix +34 every time I need to call some local phone.

UPDATE: Looks like Skype has fixed it, so if you download Skype now you’ll probably won’t be affected.