15 Jul 2009

Project Tuva: Great Silverlight application

Microsoft Research has released an application under the name of Project Tuva. It’s aimed to release inspiring scientific videos and content. They couldn’t choose any better than Richard Feynman to start with.

I get hooked to Richard Feynman not too long ago. But since I saw some of his videos, I can help but try to read and see all the material available. He has its own way to explain things, very approachable and fun. If I had too choose two adjectives to describe his talks I’d said inspiring and motivating.

And what about Project Tuva? Well, it looks really nice. They have built a cool interface using Silverlight. It has lots a useful features like captions, timelines, interactive content and a lot more.

Highly recommended. +1 to Microsoft for this!

By the way, it doesn’t seem to work with Firefox 3.5 (at least not for me), it hangs on Preparing content. No problems using Internet Explorer 8.

Project TUVA