09 Jun 2009

Project Natal: Another reason to get up to speed in the videogames world

project natal

Microsoft has demoed a new device for their new  XBox 360 that removes any need for controllers. This device is able to track all your body, it has built-in speech recognition and more. The demo video is just awesome. I especially like the kun-fu game. If it’s as accurate as it seems, it could be a real step forward how we play games.

I also think that even some hardcore gamers won’t like the device, this add-on will achieve its goal; which is no other that to attract all those people who don’t play games.

Since I started working from home I tried to avoid the temptation of purchasing a console. I know it’s a time-sucker. However, I keep adding reasons to finally go ahead. Let’s see…

  • It will precipitate the acquisition of a new TV. We’re still using an old (10 years) and heavy 32” Sony TV. It still looks superb which is a problem because I have no excuse to change it.
  • A console will provide high-definition content for the new TV.
  • Finally we’ll be able to see our photographs in the living room and not to force our family to stand up in front of my computer
  • I need some game training. I have an 8 month old baby who is growing fast. I don’t want to be beaten by my own son in a few years. (That’s the secret reason why I’m doing push-ups too)
  • I’ve shown this Project Natal to my wife and she really liked it.

I’ll keep adding good reasons in the months to come… Let’s see if I have enough by December ;)