10 Feb 2009

Probably the worst moment to quit your job

I Quit

Expanding on my first post, I quit my job almost 12 months ago. Back then, the words crisis and recession were not in the news. Not even remotely. Sure people talked about the real state bubble but other than that, the (occidental) world economy was brilliant.

Once I took the decision of quitting my job, the world economy turning point started to kick in. In Spain, due the imminent general elections, this fact was neglected by our politicians. Especially by the govern. They knew that difficult times were ahead us but they said just the opposite. Oh! This could be another post.

Anyway, here we are. Barely a year later we’re surrounded by the worst crisis of our economy. I remember when people told me I was crazy when they knew that I was quitting my job. Now they would call me suicide.

Do I regret my decision? Not at all. It was a very carefully thought-out decision. But to tell the truth I don’t know if I would have had the guts to do it now.