12 Jun 2009

I'm dropping the Spanish version of this blog in favor of the Microsoft Translator Widget

When I started this blog a few months ago, I planned to write each post in English and in Spanish, so I set up another instance of Wordpress in nowfromhome.com/es/. The truth is that I’m not writing anything in Spanish. The few posts that I posted there were just translations from the original posts I wrote here. It makes no sense, specially since I was translating from English to Spanish when Spanish is my primary language!

Besides this, Microsoft has a new Translator Widget to translate web pages in place that does its job surprisingly well. Of course is not perfect but is readable. Check it out in the upper-right corner of this blog.

If you want to add this widget to you blog, you need to apply for an invitation. Once Microsoft sends you the invitation, a widget generator will let you customize it for your site. Then you’ll need to paste the generated HTML code in your site.