21 May 2010

If you get stucked with a RoR error, restart script/server

Yesterday I had an idea for a web app (again!). I decided to sketch it out using Ruby On Rails as a way to experiment what’s outside the .NET ecosystem. Besides, if the idea finally crystallizes, it will fit much better in a Linux box than on a Windows server mostly because I think it will be hard to find a good revenue model,

This post is just a note to myself. I have to admin than I’m totally lost with RoR for now. I’m following several screencasts and reading every beginner’s tutorial I can find.

Following one of those tutorials I got stucked. I checked my config files, checked that I had not misspelled anything but nothing came out.

Finally I saw an error on the server log:

Rendering rescues/layout (internal server error)

That error message was logged 55 minutes ago!! Just restarting the ruby server made my error go away. This is the second time this happens, so I’m writing this post as a reminder. Depending of what files you touch, you could need to restart your app.