23 Dec 2011

Enjoying the simplicity of Octopress & Jekyll

As I spend more and more time on Linux, I’ve begun to enjoy the simplicity of the tools I use.

When I read about Jekyll and static site generators I fell in love with the idea.

I maintain a couple of blogs including this one and I’ve always used Wordpress because it is a one-click install in Dreamhost. Although extremly powerful it has some things that I don’t really like.

For instance, my posts are stored in a database (MySQL), which I have to backup. And then, there’s the blog template, which I tweaked a lot back then but now I don’t really know how to backup. I’d rather use git as I do with most of my documents and projects.

Anyway, I gave Jekyll a try on my Ubuntu box and I liked it a lot. Then I discovered Octopress which is just a framework on top of Jekyll and makes it really easy to work with Jekyll.

I’ve moved this blog from Wordpress to Octopress in a couple of hours, including setting up the comments (Disqus), the deployment (rsync) and the source control (git repository). Loving it!



Migrating from Wordpress to Jekyll