23 Nov 2009

Can't modify my Visual Studio 2008 installation

I run setup to add the Web developer extensions to Visual Studio 2008 from the DVD and it complaint with the following message:

A problem has been encountered while loading the setup components. Cancelling Setup.

VS 2008 error


Ok, I know what’s going on. The DVD has Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 installation program, but I have Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1 installed.

So, I need to modify the installation using Add/Remove programs and select Uninstall/Change. Then I got this:

A selected drive is no longer valid. Please review your installation path settings before continuing with setup.

VS 2008 error2

Oh, great!

After wasting some time through the internets, the solution was to uninstall the Service Pack 1, add or remove the features you want and reinstall Service Pack 1.

Hope this saves you some time.