09 Jul 2009

4 GB modules are not easy to find

ram memory

It seems that next week

I’ll probably be upgrading revamping my main development machine (Vista x32 bit) to the new Windows 7 x64 operating system. Currently I have 4 GB installed, even though only 3.3 GB are really available because I’m running the 32 bit version of Windows.

I’d like to increase my RAM to 8 GB. Unfortunately my Dell VOSTRO 400 only has two memory slots (see note), so I’ll have to throw away the memory I have and buy two 4 GB modules. I’ve browsed the web sites of the usual local shops and to my surprise, none of them have 4 GB modules. All I can find are 4 GB kits which means 2 GB x 2.

I’ll have to find an online store which ships to Spain… any suggestion?

UPDATE: Ok, it’s true that 4GB modules are not easy to find but, fortunately, I was wrong and my VOSTRO 400 has 4 memory slots. I think I get confused because I recently upgrade memory on my DELL M65 and it only has 2 memory slots.