13 Jul 2009

I'm considering following the hype and get an iPhone


I’m not a heavy mobile phone user. I only make between 30 – 60 calls/month from my mobile phone which means roughly 3 hours of talking time. Since 2006 I use Yoigo as my cell provider and I couldn’t be happier. They have a simple contract, great network (not a single outage in all this time) and the best prices in Spain, just 8 cent/min. plus 15 cent per connection call. Also if you use your phone to browse Internet or as a modem, you can be sure that the maximum price you’re going to pay is 1,20 € per day. It has one limitation though, you cannot make video calls, but… who cares?

I want to be clear, I strongly recommend Yoigo to anyone. It is by far, the best provider in Spain.

Well that said, I want an iPhone.

Unfortunately, Apple strategy of making exclusive deals with just one provider per country forces me to move from Yoigo to Movistar (Telefónica). I have lots of moral issues about this. Not only Movistar have considerably higher prices, but their Internet plans suck big time. I also think that they try to fool people creating multiple contract types, which you have to carefully study to not end up paying a lot more or committing yourself with them for life..

All in all, like I said, I want an iPhone. I still remember when I saw the 2007 keynote where Steve Jobs presented for the very first time the IPhone (jaw-dropping), Apple got me then. I decided to resist and wait a few generations and now the iPhone 3GS looks great.

I’m not going to list all the goodies the iPhone has, instead I’ll just say that is one of the geekiest devices of our time.

I must also add that I have medium WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor), which is totally unexpected.

So, if I finally sell my soul Movistar which, unless someone shots me a common sense injection, is going to happen, I’ll have an iPhone very soon. I’ll post about it (and I’m afraid I’ll be posting rants about Movistar too).

Update: iPhone 3GS shortage in my city. Already in a waiting list. Bummer!